Strategic Marketing Boot Camp™

  1. Learn the tools, techniques and processes for developing a clear, distinctive and integrated strategic marketing plan
  2. Document your plan
  3. Go back to the office and apply it

What is it?

The Strategic Marketing Plan is the cornerstone of all Marketing activities. This Boot Camp focuses on the practical tools, techniques and processes for developing clear, distinctive and integrated strategic marketing plans that have buy-in throughout the organization. Participants reinforce their learning by documenting key elements of their plan including: business definition and scope, vision, business objectives, SWOT analysis, segmentation, positioning, marketing mix strategies by segment, key success factors and risks and contingency plans.

In the Boot Camp you will learn ‘how to’, apply what you learn to your business, and go back to the office with the core of a plan that you can apply immediately.


Who should attend?

  • People in leadership positions, involved in charting and deploying the firm’s marketing strategy, and / or
  • People working in marketing, sales or strategy disciplines, such as product management, industry marketing, sales, marketing communications, strategic planning, business development and market analysis, and / or
  • A cross-functional team focused on developing a specific market opportunity, and / or
  • Individuals seeking to learn how to develop a strategic marketing plan that they can readily communicate, gain buy-in throughout the organization and have significant impact on their top and bottom lines


What you will be able to do upon completion of this Boot Camp?

  • Determine what needs to be included in your strategic marketing plan
  • Understand and apply elements of market, internal and competitive analyses as a foundation for your strategic marketing planning
  • Segment your market along meaningful dimensions
  • Perform a market and segment level SWOT analysis
  • Understand the industry life cycle stages, the buyer profiles in each stage, and the resulting impact on your marketing mix strategies
  • Position yourself effectively in the marketplace
  • Establish a robust market and competitive intelligence system
  • Lead a strategic marketing analysis and planning project
  • Develop, document and present a clear, distinctive and integrated strategic marketing plan for your business

You will have the tools, techniques and processes for developing a clear, distinctive and integrated strategic marketing plan. You will begin working on its key elements, present them for Boot Camp leader feedback during the Boot Camp and proceed with a plan that you can start using at the office.


What you will cover?

  • Mastering the strategic marketing planning process
  • Defining the scope of your business mission
  • Conducting your situation analyses
  • Segmenting your market for higher penetration
  • Positioning your brand in the marketplace
  • Identifying your organic growth opportunities
  • Profiling and selecting your growth initiatives
  • Leveraging the industry life cycle to maximize market success
  • Setting market performance objectives
  • Tapping into sources of market and competitive intelligence
  • Presentation and peer review of the strategic marketing plan you develop (optional)

Workshop components are embedded throughout the Boot Camp.  Laptops are strongly encouraged.


Who has attended in the past?

The core elements of this program have been offered scores of times, in the US and internationally, to management teams and senior staff from a wide range of companies, including:

  • Verizon Communications
  • Thermo Electron Corporation
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Hyperion Solutions
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Chubb Executive Risk Insurance
  • Sybase
  • Southern New England Telephone
  • Programart Corporation
  • CLAM Associates
  • Segue
  • Amideast
  • Fenn Technologies
  • Cuno Fluid Purification
  • Nerac, Inc.
  • St. Gobain Performance Plastics
  • Kadant Web Systems
  • Kadant AES
  • BearingPoint, Inc.
  • Bayer Pharmaceuticals
  • Accent Communications
  • Orion Instuments
  • ACAD Computer Services

This program has also been offered as a course in the MBA programs of both the University of Connecticut and Fairfield University.


What are some of the FAQs?

What is special about this program?

  • The industrial strength, yet easy-to-use strategic marketing planning tools (including the electronic planning templates), techniques and processes for developing a clear, distinctive and integrated strategic marketing plan
  • The breadth of strategic marketing topics covered, with real life examples from varied industries
  • The extensive workshop component, where you document what you learn to your unique market opportunities, yielding a product you can apply immediately to your own business
  • The valuable instructor and peer review of and feedback on the plan you develop
  • The strategic marketing analysis and planning workbook and electronic templates
  • The experienced, engaging program leader
  • The access to the program leader on an as available and best effort basis for 12 months from the date of the program, which is included in the cost of the program

I have an MBA. How will I benefit from this program?

Many MBA's from top business schools have gone through the program. The program's focus on marketing strategy development and marketing planning is an excellent, concentrated refresher for them. What's more, the ample real life examples used, the strategic market management process and its application during the program to one's own business have been extremely valuable. We have yet to encounter an MBA who has not benefited substantially from the program. 

I have taken no formal marketing training. Will this program be too much for me?

Our skill is in de-mystifying complex issues and presenting them in a clear, practical and concise fashion so all will benefit, experienced MBA as well as people with no formal marketing training. 

Should I come alone, or be part of a team?

Your call. As a team you would have the additional benefits of developing a common language and getting on the same page, focusing on business issues in a fostering environment, and developing an improved working relationship with your teammates.

Can we have this program offered at our company?

Of course.  The program has been offered internally at a good number of companies. There it can be offered for a department (e.g. the marketing or product management departments) or to one or more cross-functional teams (marketing, sales, services, support, marcom, finance…) focused on success in the marketplace. Click HERE to express your interest in such a program, or call us at 203-972-6000 to discuss.


Where can I get a program brochure?

Click here to access a program brochure.


What are some testimonials about Suidan Associates’ programs?

"The most focused and productive days I have spent in the past ten years in this industry sector..."

--Jezz Leckenby, Director of Marketing, Veeco

“The process and techniques that Zuhair Suidan teaches are the best way that I have seen of building rapid consensus around a technology marketing strategy. You will go back to the office with tools that you can immediately apply.”

Matthew Goldsbrough, Director of Marketing,  Hyperion Solutions

"Easily the best course of this type I have attended in 30+ years in business. I believe this will be a most beneficial tool to all our companies which use it."

--Neil Duarte, President, Flow Group

"Do this everywhere, but not for our competitors."

--John O'Rourke, Director, Product Marketing, Hyperion Software

"This is the best session I have ever attended; the fast-paced, well organized presentation of the material was superb."

--Larry Quick, President and CEO, Flow Automation

"Suidan’s process is clear and easy to use, his leadership skills are exceptional and his ability to keep a group fired up is exemplary."

--Mary Westbrook, Vice President, National Computer Systems.

"Excellent program! Most useful to me and my firm! All the topics were of value. The flow was logical, connected, and cumulative."

--Charlotte Hart Riordan, Vice President,
Product Strategy and Marketing, Programart Corp.

"Timely, complete, well-presented. Gave us a clear process and a common language."

--Linda Bruner, Marketing Director, Perkin Elmer

"The structure of the process, Zuhair's experience, and the interaction with the other participants were of great value..."

--John Ranta, Director of Marketing and Systems Integration, Clam Associates

"How to do a market plan; How to introduce new products; The various methods of formalized competitive analysis; The interactive discussions... were of most value to me."

--Tim Perkins, Vice President, Marketing, Segue

"Excellent! Great prep for our upcoming planning cycle; lifted my eyes up to the horizon... I recommend this to all who are trying to bring order to their marketing and planning processes."

--Tom Cox, President, ExecuTrain, Boston Area

“Even if you have an MBA and have a keen eye on everything in your industry, you need this program.”

Suzi Craig-Edwards, Marketing Communications Specialist, Nerac Inc.

“I received the value of all my past marketing courses rolled into this session.  This program is high-value / low-risk.”

Scott Yudkin, Product Manager, St. Gobain Performance Plastics

“If you want to understand your own business and put it in context of business needs, processes and strategic direction, this is the course for you.”

Bilal Mehmood, Tissue and Marketing Manager, Kadant Web Systems

“Ideal, focused program to do with your full marketing team.”

Jeff Barden, Market Manager, St. Gobain Performance Plastics


Who is the program leader?

The program leader and developer is Zuhair Suidan, the principal of Suidan Associates - a marketing, strategic planning and business development management consultancy. He has a widely varied professional background covering a broad range of projects involving consulting, marketing planning, strategy development, and the management of marketing and technical disciplines, in both staff and line functions.

Mr. Suidan has conducted scores of programs, both in the US and overseas, to firms such as: Verizon Communications, Thermo Electron, Pitney Bowes, Sybase, Perkin Elmer, Hyperion Solutions, Chubb Executive Risk Insurance, Southern New England Telephone, Amideast and CUNO. He has also taught in the MBA programs of the University of Connecticut and Fairfield University.

Educated at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Mr. Suidan holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and a Master of Business Administration. His background in strategic marketing is grounded in the information systems industry and IBM, where he had a varied 23-year career.

His operational roles range from leading strategic planning for a billion-dollar software business to developing the international business for a revolutionary medical devices startup.


How do I register?

1) SUBMIT your registration via the Internet using our
On-Line Registration Form

2) FAX your registration to 203-972-6003, click here to print out a blank registration.

3) CALL us at 203-972-6000

4) MAIL your registration to:

Suidan Associates
291 S. Bald Hill Road
New Canaan, CT 06849

Click here to print out a blank registration.

Registration & Fees

Reserve a block of seats for yourself and your associates today by completing the registration request or by calling Suidan Associates at (203) 972-6000.

The fee is $1,800 per person and includes admission to all sessions, a binder with all presentation materials and planning templates, a soft-copy of the planning templates, a free 1-year "hot-line" access to your Boot Camp leader and a framable certificate of completion.

To encourage team participation and early enrollment, discounts apply: $1,650 per participant if you register early or enroll 3 or more participants, or $1,500 if you register early and enroll 3 or more participants.


Hotel accommodations are not included in the registration fee. Whenever possible we negotiate group rates with the hotel. Check with the hotel for the group rate when you make your reservation. If you desire assistance, please call Suidan Associates at 203-972-6000.



Can we have an intra-company program just for our firm?

An intra-company Boot Camp has the advantages of an open-enrolment program plus the following: 

  • The ability to increase tailoring to your particular needs, for example by adding a team-based pre-program assessment, and post-program progress follow-ups.
  • The ability to maximize focus on your specific opportunities and challenges.
  • The ability to increase further the workshop element of the program, resulting in a more thorough Strategic Marketing Analysis and Planning deliverable to be put to use in your company.
  • Getting all participants to speak the same language and 'be on the same page' at the same time.
  • Facilitating team building.

Click HERE to indicate interest in an intra-company program.


What other programs does Suidan Associates offer?

Call us to discuss holding a tailored, in-house Boot Camp for your team, or to any of our other standard offerings, such as:

  • Strategic Planning Boot Camp™
  • Developing Your Services Business Boot Camp™


Suidan Associates reserves the right to cancel the program. If we do so, we will notify enrollees at the earliest possible date and we will refund any advance payment that they made.