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The core consulting services of Suidan Associates have revolved around improving the marketing performance of firms through the application of a proven and structured process for strategic marketing planning. Our process covers the full range of marketing management including:

  1. defining the business mission,
  2. establishing a vision for the future,
  3. conducting situation analyses (market, competitive and internal analyses, and market segmentation),
  4. setting business objectives, and
  5. developing a road map to achieving these objectives (integrated marketing mix strategies, offering definitions, detailed marketing plans, and implementation management).

While our proven process forms the foundation to all of our work, our focus will vary depending on your company's needs. Generally, we will place an emphasis on one of two areas: market planning or product marketing.

Market Planning Services
The aim of our market planning services is to answer the question, 'What should we bring to market?' These services place a heavier emphasis on defining the scope of the business and establishing a vision for the future, situation analyses, objective setting, strategy development and offerings definition. The market planning horizon is often multi-year.

Product Marketing Services
In answering the question, 'How should we market what we have produced?', our product marketing services focus on developing successful marketing plans for your existing products. With product marketing as the focus, there is a heavier emphasis on buyer understanding, marketing segmentation and targeting, identifying the unique selling proposition, offering positioning and the development of communications and sales programs. The planning horizon for product marketing is often the next 12 months.

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